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Friday, July 10, 2009


Blog Candy Shopping is a LOT if FUN! Although the kick-off won't be until August 3rd, I am still posting and attempting to grow my followers. So, I figured Blog Candy is a must!! So please help me spread the word. I think shopping for supplies can be just as much fun as using them and personally I love to give things away! I don't think you will be disappointed either, I bought something I really wanted to keep for myself,how many times does that happen!?! I only have one set (tease tease), but I would really like more! I will be posting the blog candy sometime in the next few days once I believe I have it all. Right now it stands just over a $60.00 value, so...... so if you want a headstart on the requirements to be eligable are in the few post below and make sure you stay tuned!

Bic Mark-it Tutorial

Good Morning everyone!! Well, I know that the new craz in the stampers world are copics. Now, I personally do not own any, can't really afford them after creating and still raising 4 children, but really there are lots of lovely cards made everyday without them. I am not bashing the copics, because personally I would love to own some to play around with and I always go do the blog candy give-a-ways if they are included. There are many lovely cards showcasing copics. So, I know lots of us use color pencils and a variety of different markers out on the market for stamping and card making. I have purchased many a markers in the last few years, but I have to say my personal favorite that I can afford are the Bic Mark-it. I have the 36 count package and pretty much love it. The only thing I might say about them negatively is I that I would love a better skin tone color, but really overall, I pretty much love this set. Recently, and since I first purchased this set I have had several people ask me what I am using to color. Well, if it is not colored pencil it is the Bic Mark-it. So, I thought for those of you who don't own copics and was wanting something comparable to copics and affordable to play with this would be a good alternative to the copics.

Let's say you already own them, but not sure how to use them to get the look you want. Well, someone shared this tutorial with one of my friends from you-tube. I thought "how great is this". I naturally know how to shade, it is in my blood, but not everyone does and could use some direction. So, I hope you find this to be helpful and encouraging if you have difficulty achieving this. Mainly, things like this are just a matter of practice practice practice... So, with no further delay from me being so windy... here is a GREAT tutorial for using the BIC-Mark-it markers....

Also, if you don't want to invest in a whole set and you just want to try them out, I was in Staples (stationary/office store) last week and they sale them individually. I found that to be exciting that I could replace one if it ran out without purchasing a whole new set! Thanks Bic! So, with that information you could purchase a few to play with them and then decide! They also offered a much finer tip one too sold individually.

Have a great day creating!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wanna See???

whats in store? Well, now that I have peaked your interest, thought I would drop this simple card off today that I made for a friend. Of course I have used one of my very own digi stamps!! Although, I am sorry to say she is not premiering in the month of August, I just want you to have something to get excited about and look forward too! Like I said if she doesn't appeal to your interest, another image will. I really do have a wide varity of images that something will come along that I promise you will like and maybe just love! So, wanna see a few more? LOL.. tease tease... now like I said these are not necessarily what you will be getting as freebies, but I am just showcasing some things to get you excited and like I said, yank your interest! So, if you want to see 2 more images you can find them on my other blog here

She is colored with color pencils; one of my personal favorite mediums! I don't own any copics yet, but I do love the Bic-Markets as well; if you can't afford the copics they are a good alternative.

Soooo, if you haven't already, become a follower, grab the icon on the side bar, as well as the link and place it on your blog. I will be posting a blog candy next week and the requirement will be: 1) become a follower, 2) place the icon on your blog so others can link back here, 3) Post on your blog or Face book about the blog candy give-a-way with a link back to here, if you don't have a blog or facebook, I completely understand and you will still be eligible 4) leave a comment on that particular post (not posted yet) when I post it.... So, you can go ahead and do the first 3 and when I make the post for the blog candy next week.... you can leave the comment! The blog candy will be a random drawing of a post number. SO... what are you waiting for???? Don't you like what you see? Come on join in, I know you are starting to get excited!! I certainly am!! And for those who seriously don't have a blog to post my icon on, I will make an exception and still place you into the drawing, but if you have one I expect you to follow my rules (I will be checking). I just don't want to leave anyone out on the celebration!! So come on, help me out, and I will make it all worth your while!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Card Sketch

Hi Everyone, while I am busy working on the all the details of getting this up and running... I thought I would drop you off a card sketch. I made this just for you this evening!! I thought, well, since you are just sitting there waiting for the first image release, you might as well make a card! So here it is and I hope you enjoy it....

If you use it at any time, I would love for you to link your card back to me so I can see it and even post it with the sketch, but please give me credit for the sketch regardless.

OK.. I am excited to say that Nilla from Live It - Scrap It just used this sketch for a card and she posted it on her blog!! Nilla just got a "few" new Magnolia stamps so she is busy using them; this is one of them! I have to laugh because a few would be an understatement! (she posted a pic on her blog) Lucky girl I say! I think she did a beautiful job and Thanks Nilla for sharing this with us and allowing me to post it here with my sketch!!

Here is another card made from my sketch! It is from my friend Madeline that I met over at scrapbook.com. Isn't it lovely. Thanks Madeline for sharing!

OK... back to work for me.. still lots of details to work out!