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Saturday, August 1, 2009

So what is a digital stamp anyway?

and how do I use it?

A digital stamp is a printable black and white image to be used just like the rubber stamped image. They store on your computer for access just like any computer file. My digital stamps will come to you in a jpg format that is universal to most programs. You can print any of these images off on to any type of paper and/or card stock. Once printed, you color the images just as you would a rubber stamp image and use them accordingly.

Why a JGP format? I chose to do my images in a jpg saved at a high resolution. I felt that a jpg was a bit more universal, but if you would like a pdf format please make sure you request a pdf format through a personal email to me and I will do it that way. If you request a pdf, realize that you will need a pdf reader to use this format. A free adobe reader can always be downloaded if you desire.

Also, when I draw my image I usually draw bigger then what you would stamp it. I do this for a better resolution. It is better to shrink down and make small, then to make small and resize larger. So when you open your image it will be much bigger then a stamped image. No worries through, even if bringing it up in Word or Works you can resize the image.

How does the digital stamp come?

For now until further notice, I will load the free image in the post and you will then left click on the image to bring you to the much larger image and then you will right click the larger image and then pick “save as” The image will come to you in a printable jpg file format. Simply download the file, like any other file and save to your computer. I suggest you make a new file and label it something you will remember and in a place you can locate it. I would also ask that you place my “Copy Rights” information in your folder along with your free stamps from me, this way you know who the copy rights belong to and where to give credit to. You then bring up your program Word, Works, Print Shop, Adobe Photo shop, etc. whatever you have and then insert/acquire the file into your program, resize and then print. Yes it is that simple.

The wonderful thing about this is you can bring it up in a word document like Microsoft Word and Works. So if you don’t have another program, you can still use a digital stamp!

How to bring up an image in Microsoft Word/Works:

Save the image to your computer as stated above. Once your program is up, open to a new page, on top tool bar pick “insert” from insert, pick “picture” then from picture to “from computer”, locate your file, open it up and pick the image and then bring it into your document. Click in the center of your image if there is not already a box around your image, this click should place a box around it so you can manipulate the size (if not already there). You can then resize this image using the frame around the image by gabbing one of the corners and manipulating the box size smaller or larger. Once you have the image the size you want, select print! I suggest you do several images on one page for future use and to save card stock and time; plus you will have some on hand ready to go. I print all my images on 110lb card stock "Georgia-Pacific" found at Wal-mart! It really is a good weight and is fairly inexspensive for the amount you get.

Now, if you are sitting here reading this and plan and snagging some of my free weekly images, I would suggest you make a "new file"(where you can locate it) with "TMITA stamp images" enclose my copy right information found here (right click save as) in the folder and then start collecting your free weekly images by saving/placing them in the file weekly! And of course play along with the challenges! I so want to see what you do with my images!

Also, I have been kind of enough to share these free original images with you for your use, except for mass production or reselling of the black/white image files. Please respect me and my generosity to share these with everyone across the globe for your personal creations and adhere to my copy right information and my requests. Also, these are in the very first stages of becoming photo polymer stamps as well, so keep an eye out for an upcoming site where you can purchase my digital images and future "real" stamps you can hold in your hands... coming soon! :O)

Well, I hope this information helps someone. I would maybe suggest if you have never attempted this before and not sure what you are doing, maybe copy this post and paste it in a word document and print it off or save it in your stamp folder for furture use. I always find it easier for myself if I can actually have something in hand and read along as I attempt to follow instructions for something I have never done, but that is just me!

I look forward to unveiling the first image in just 2 days!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Candy Give Away Reminder

This is just a reminder for the blog candy give away for August 17th. You can find all the details here. I would hate for you to miss out. I have a total of 41 people so far that has left a message, so make you at least read the information and check it out!

Have a Fantastic Friday!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What? ANOTHER sneak peek?

Yep, that is right, I'm really out to "peak" your interest. So, today I thought I would let you know that this little peek will be the second stamp for the month of August! Now, not only am I giving you one little peek, but I thought I would give you two peeks!! (tease tease). Of course this is the same image, just different locations of the image! Can you figure it out? Hope not, because I want you to come back and see the full image!!

Well, I don't know about you, but I can't wait to unveil the first image!!
Which is this:

as well as all the cards that the Designer Team and Guest Designers have created to help inspire you! ((smiling really big))!

Keep coming back in the next few days and I will do a recap on how all of this is going to work. Explain exactly how to save or bring up a digital image in your program in detail for Word or Works if you don't have a clue. So, remember you don't need a special program to use a digital image. If you have Word or Works you already have a program that can be used for this and also be able to re-size the images in both programs as well.

So, I am working on September's images right now and oh la la I think you are going to like these as well! hehehe...

ALSO, I have yet to hear from the "Smalleyfamily" that won Monday's blog candy. So, please be aware that if I haven't heard from you by this Saturday I will be re-drawing a name on Monday August 3rd!

Monday, July 27, 2009

WINNER of the small blog candy goes to.......

the "smalleyfamily" !! Since this blog candy went to anyone that was a follower on face book or Blogger, everyone does not have a way I can contact them on, so Smalley Family please send me your address so I can mail this out to you. If I don't hear from you by this Saturday, I will be drawing another name on Monday! So, you can find my e-mail in my profile! Congratulations and hope you enjoy it!


Good Morning everyone! Although next Monday will be the kick-off and first release of an image, I want to consider today the first "Magical Monday" here at "There's Magic In The Air"! Why is today so magical you ask? Today I get the honor and privilege of introducing There's Magic In The Air's Designer Team and 2 Guest Designers for the month of August. I have no doubt that you will get a wide range of inspiration from these 6 wonderful paper crafters!

Please make sure you check out their blogs. They all do beautiful work.

I have asked them to answer 6 simple questions just as a little "get to know them".

So, with no further delay:

THE DESIGNER TEAM (((applause))):

Curt's Blog

Q1: What inspires you?

Nature inspires me. I love photography, and you will see that most of my photos are nature oriented. You will see that theme a lot in my cards too, with flowers, leaves, butterflies and animals (House Mouse) being a major theme in my work.

Q2: What is your favorite stamping technique? (Simple coloring, embossing, collage, inking, etc.)

I LOVE colored pencils and orderless mineral spirits. I also like trying new things.

Q3: Do you sit or stand when you create?

Definitely sit. . .I'm too old to stand that long! LOL

Q4: What is your “go-to” color combination?

My favorite colors are neutrals and earth tones. But one of my favorite color combos is black/red/white.

Q5: What are your favorite embellishments? (Gems, pearls, buttons, etc.)

Ribbon! It's hard for me to do a card without ribbon. Also (I'm not sure it would classify as an embellishment) 90% of the time I use foam squares for dimension on my cards.

Q6: What is your favorite thing to snack on while creating?

I don't allow myself to snack while I am working on a card. Once I was just about finished with a card and picked it up only to see chocolate finger prints all over the back of it! So food is banned from my workspace. However, you will likely see me creating while drinking coffee with sugar and French Vanilla creamer. I LOVE my coffee!

Leigh Anne's Blog

Q1: What inspires you?

hmmm I would have to say that COLOR inspires me

Q2: What is your favorite stamping technique? (Simple coloring, embossing, collage, inking, etc.)

Embossing I love it! so fun to watch it melt... and I think it's a really sharp look
I DO love to color images though and find it hard not to INK every edge... I have to MAKE myself not

Q3: Do you sit or stand when you create?

Sit baby!

Q4: What is your “go-to” color combination?

hmmmm well for ME, I love green & purple, but I really love the look of blue & orange, pink & green, yellow & purple
I really tend to gravitate to Complimentary colors and I hardly ever use neutrals

Q5: What are your favorite embellishments? (Gems, pearls, buttons, etc.)

boy, toughie there.... I try to spread the love, but I think brads and ribbon I tend to use the most, though I do like the pearls, in colors or course :)

Q6: What is your favorite thing to snack on while creating?

I don't...... I Know hard to believe, because I think I am a snacker, but I don't want to get anything on my work, and I tend to be a sloppy eater. That's good though, keeps me from snackin'

Nilla's Blog

Q1: What inspires you?

I must say beautiful fabric and other card makers and scrapbookers, so many talented people out there and!

Q2: What is your favorite stamping technique? (Simple coloring, embossing, collage, inking, etc.)

I stamp (not so found about clear stamps), ink and colour, I prefer my Copic pens! Love embossing but not so good at it!

Q3: Do you sit or stand when you create?

I do both I start sitting, then I go away and when I come back I usually
Look at my work standing, then back in my chair to finish!

Q4: What is your “go-to” color combination?

Sorry can’t say, I love all colours but some combination are better, brown/blue, green/blue, red/green, purple/white. I love include white as a base.

Q5: What are your favorite embellishments? (Gems, pearls, buttons, etc.)

Pearls, ribbons, flowers!!

Q6: What is your favorite thing to snack on while creating?

COFFEE!! Never snacks!

Stephanie's Blog

Q1: What inspires you?

There are many things that inspire me! It may be something as simple as participating in a challenge or seeing a creation from one of the many card magazines! However, one of the things I have found to be most inspirational is to check the many fantastic paper crafting blogs that are out there!

Q2: What is your favorite stamping technique? (Simple coloring, embossing, collage, inking, etc.)

This tends to change quite frequently but as of right now, my favorite technique is coloring with my Prismacolor Pencils and Odorless Mineral Spirits! It's so much fun AND easy to do!

Q3: Do you sit or stand when you create?

I have to sit when I create because I get so focused that my legs would get sore from standing!

Q4: What is your “go-to” color combination?

Actually, I don't really have one. What I like to do is grab a piece of patterned paper that I really want to use and I then pull the colors from it!

Q5: What are your favorite embellishments? (Gems, pearls, buttons, etc.)

RIBBON! I use it on almost every single creation!

Q6: What is your favorite thing to snack on while creating?

I have a box full Werther's Original candy sitting on my stamping desk. I have found that having a piece of hard candy in my mouth can really get my creativity flowing.


Karen's Blog

Q1: What inspires you?

Other people's beautiful creations which I see on their blogs. Also, colors in fabrics, etc.

Q2: What is your favorite stamping technique? (Simple coloring, embossing, collage, inking, etc.)

I love to color, so I guess it's safe to answer with that.

Q3: Do you sit or stand when you create?

Sit, unless I'm cutting paper or using my Cuttlebug.

Q4: What is your “go-to” color combination?

With all the incredible colors available and DP's to go with them I couldn't pick a favorite, although I prefer brighter to softer for the most part.

Q5: What are your favorite embellishments? (Gems, pearls, buttons, etc.)

Half Pearls - They go on most every card. I also like flowers and ribbon, but not as much as the half-pearls.

Q6: What is your favorite thing to snack on while creating?

Maybe coffee, or a Coke Zero, but I never eat in my craft room.

Ulrica's Blog

Q1: What inspires you?

I have many different sources of inspiration! Gods beautiful creation, the nature that surrounds us. Colors, patterns, textures and even music!

Q2: What is your favorite stamping technique? (Simple coloring, embossing, collage, inking, etc.)

I like coloring and trying different techniques for coloring. I often combine coloring with embossing.

Q3: Do you sit or stand when you create?

I sit 99% of the time!

Q4: What is your “go-to” color combination?

I have found that I often use brown with a couple of different colors. Either brown and pink or brown and turquoise/blue. I love the combination of orange and pink too though! OK, so that was combinations in plural, not just one combo! Can't pick just one! lol

Q5: What are your favorite embellishments? (Gems, pearls, buttons, etc.)

I'm a flower girl!

Q6: What is your favorite thing to snack on while creating?

Snack?! That's one of the great things about scrapbooking/card making. I completely forget my usual urge to snack! I'm completely focused on my projects and then when I'm done, since I'm a night owl it's way to late to snack! Now, how's that for a diet?!

Well, there you have it! So, help me welcome these wonderful people! Now make sure you check out their blogs and their beautiful work and keep checking back for some more sneak peeks! I too, answered these 6 questions, so if you want to learn a little more about me as well, you can find my answers here.

I will be announcing the winner of the random drawing for the small blog candy a little later today for just being a follower on my blog either on face book or on Blogger, so make sure you check back later today!

In the mean time; Have a "Magical Monday" and put a little magic in someone's air!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, this has been one busy weekend coming off vacation, but I wanted to drop by another sneak peek for the month of August of things to come!! So, here you go.... (tease tease)

Well, I am not sure if this is getting you excited or not, but if not, be sure to come by tomorrow morning when I will be announcing the Designer Team and the Guest Designers. I will also be announcing the winner of the random drawing for the smaller blog candy later in the day, so if you haven't become a follower of my blog either on face book or Blogger you have a few hours left of this evening. I will be having one of my lovely children draw the name tomorrow morning and I will be posting it a little later in the day... and I can't wait to see who it is! Can you?