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Monday, October 12, 2009

MAGICAL MONDAY - Free Digital Image - 3D Coloring Elements

The "spooktacular" person to receive the random drawing prize for participating in last weeks challenge is: Jennifer
Please send me your address at magicintheair@att.net so I can get this out to you. CONGRATS and ENJOY!

This weeks image is called "Spooktacular Pumpkin". Yes, with this season in full swing finding the "just right" pumpkin either for carving, decoration or for making pies becomes a ritual in the hunt for the "just right" pumpkin for some of us! This little cute ghost has found his "spooktacular pumpkin" and wants you to know with a thumbs up that it is "right on".

(C) "Spooktacular Pumpkin"
(left click, then right click "save as" the larger image)

("Spooktacular Pumpkin" is no longer available for free... I am in a process of getting a website up and going to make available to you not only these images, but many more originals by me in digital form and in the near future photopolymer as well... it's all in "the works"! In just hours a new free image will be released)

Leigh Anne brings us this weeks challenge which is to use the image I have provided "Spooktacular Pumpkin" and then she wants us to use some 3D coloring elements like liquid applique, flowersoft, glitter and/or stickles, Crackle, liquid glaze, fun flock...etc. Be careful though this is all somewhat new in the digi stamping world, so if there is some error with some products and how they work with the digi stamp computer inks, I would be real interested to know of any errors that occurred with the computer inks. I tried some crackle and it tended to bleed some of my ink, but I thought I was using the liquid glaze which I had used before just fine and wondered why the change. When I picked up the bottle to look again I realized that I had grabbed the crackle instead of liquid glaze... so... just a warning, but again I would love to hear if any one else had results such as that so we can help educate each other! Now you don't necessarily have to use the product on your image either, can be anywhere on your card.

The prize for this week’s random drawing for whoever participates in this weeks challenge and links their work back here is:

Now for the oh so talented...


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Novemeber's Guest Designers:

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Well, hope you enjoyed this weeks image! Make sure you check my card out here. My ghost is not white! LOL... I sometimes do think outside the box and went for purple! Remember I like rodents, so purple ghosts shouldn't surprise you, never said there was anything normal about me! hehehe... So I know that these are absolutely free, so my payoff is you posting a message for me and the designers in the comments. I know that isn't entirely free, because they cost a comment, but I so know you took the digi! :O) my counter doesn't fib. It's a win/win situation. You like free digis, you take free digis, and I like to give them away and as well as love reading all the comments.....I left you a free digi, sooooooooo........pay up with you comment!

Have a "Spooktacular Day!"

Magical Monday Participants
1. Toni
2. Carol V
3. Erin
4. berg4
5. Pattie G
6. Salamanteri76
7. Kim Mc (Living in Paradise)
8. Kimberly S
9. Denise

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June Speed:

FYI - When does the weekly challenge close?

I interupt this challenge to bring you this news:.... This is just an FYI that I close out this weekly challenge on every Sunday evening at 10:00PM EST. I then post a new FREE image every Monday morning at 6:00AM EST. I realize that the close out is probably early to some depending where you live, but this works best for me and my schedule. So, I thought I would post this here so everyone would know exactly when I take the image away and close out the links. Thank you, now back to the scheduled challenge......