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Monday, January 10, 2011

Magical Monday - Two Part Challenge (must read)

Welcome back and Happy New Year everyone!! I hope that you have not forgotten about us since we took a month break. Sorry I didn't make any posts during our break, but I really needed a break and all my family was home during that time including my husband; so I just enjoyed my time away. The Design Team will be joining us next week. Not all the Designers will be coming back this New Year, but we will have some new ones to add come February. I want to especially thank them all for sharing their time and their talents. All my past and present designers have always been so special to me and I have always been so thankful for each and every one of them.

Over my break I watched a man being interviewed on Good Morning America. His interview was around why and how he came about sending out thank you cards daily for a year. He than wrote a book about it and how it affected his life. I found it to be quite interesting and thought it was such a wonderful idea. Could you imagine if we all sent out thank you cards daily for a full year?! There certainly would be lots of love flying around!

So, today I personally bring you a 2 part challenge. The first part of this challenge is to make a thank you card of any kind and the second part of this challenge is to actually mail it out to someone within the next two weeks or shortly after you make it. Of course I won't be able to know if you mailed it out or not, but you will. So let's brighten someones day with a word of thanks and start this year off by being thankful.

Below is the card I made as the example for you and I will be hand delivering it today at a luncheon.

Image: Deco Flower with Flourish

You do not need to use one of our digital images to play along, but of course we would love to see a Paper Cupcakes image used. Please note: Everyone that uses a Paper Cupcake's image will be entered into the drawing twice to win.

If you don't have a Paper Cupcake's image and would like to use one you can find the below image "Flower Cupcake with Butterfly" HERE Or if you like you can always pick your own out at the Paper Cupcake's store which you can find HERE.

The prize for this week’s random drawing for whoever participates and follows this weeks challenge and links their work back here will get to pick two images of their choice from my store Paper Cupcakes.

I hope you can find some time to play along with us this week, heck I hope you even remembered to come back after such a long break. Mostly, I hope you will not only play along with the first part of the challenge, but I hope you would also follow through with the second part of the challenge as well and lift someones spirits with some kind words of thanks!

Have a wonderful day!