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Monday, November 16, 2009

MAGICAL MONDAY - Something Reflective

Wow, slow week last week in the participation, was it my image or was everyone just busy!?! :O)(hehe) Seems like this was a tough challenge as well, so I am including all who participated whether you incorporated the white, grey and/or black or not! :O)

The special person to receive the random drawing prize for participating in last weeks challenge is: Jane

Please send me your address at magicintheair@att.net so I can get this out to you. CONGRATS and ENJOY!

This week I am just going to skate by with brief words as I am still tired and somewhat coughing and ready to head for bed! Today we are going to kick off the upcoming images reflecting wintry fun and Christmas! So you won't want to miss a week! This week I bring you this cute little penguin fast on it's feet!

(C) "Skating By"
(left click, then right click "save as" the larger image)

("Skating By" is no longer available for free... I am in a process of getting a website up and going to make available to you not only these images, but many more originals by me in digital form and in the near future photopolymer as well... it's all in "the works"! In just hours a new free image will be released)

This week Kim brings us our challenge. She would like to see you use this image "Skating By" used with a reflective material (e.g., metallic paper, foil, mirrors, etc) on their project. Be creative!

The prize for this week’s random drawing for whoever participates in this weeks challenge and links their work back here is:

Now for the oh so talented...


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Novemeber's Guest Designers:

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and my card:

Nina's Blog

Well, not sure if you noticed, but the eye will be a little different on the image posted verses whats on the cards. When coloring my penguin I totally lost his eye in the black. Guess I didn't think that all the way through while drawing it, good thing I color my images to catch silly little things like this. I really liked that little dotted eye too! Oh well.. but as you can tell it didn't stop these wonderful designers from rocking these cards!

Have a wonderful week...

Magical Monday Participants
1. Marsha Drain
2. Lourna (pisces23)
3. Pattie G
4. Sue Walsh
5. Stamping SAM
6. Triasimite
7. Patti J.
8. Tiffany
9. Linda B
10. Patti
11. Toni
12. Olga Jewell
13. Theresa Pollack
14. berg4
15. Denise S.
16. Diane
17. Jessie F
18. Lisa Foster
19. Stephanie Hester

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