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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! A big welcome to 2012!!

I have been absent from blog land so I could enjoy the full time off and spend time with my family over the holidays with their vacation time and breaks. I truly have enjoyed it too!

I am making a quick posting because I have changed some things up for our challenge blog. The following is what you will need to take note of:

- Our challenge will now post at 6:00PM vs. 6:00AM on Mondays. So if you show up here tomorrow morning and we are not here, come back at 6:00PM.

- Our challenges are going from weekly to bi-weekly. So each challenge will now run for 2 weeks.

- I will still be offering freebies, but instead of it hanging around for a full week it will now post only for 48 hours. So it will post on Monday's and be taken down on Wednesday.

Those are the main changes. I just wanted you to be informed, plus it will help keep tomorrow's posting to the norm . We will be back with you tomorrow at 6:00PM with our challenge to kick off the New Year and there will be a freebie as well!

Here's to a great 2012!

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