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Monday, October 19, 2009

MAGICAL MONDAY - Free Digital Image - 3D Pop Dots/Form Squares

The lucky person to receive the random drawing prize for participating in last weeks challenge is: Erin

Please send me your address at magicintheair@att.net so I can get this out to you. CONGRATS and ENJOY!

Fall is certainly one of my favorite seasons. With the trees painting the skies with a palette of color, the air is a little more crisp and all the crops that are being harvested this time of year. For some reason Canadian Geese make me think of fall even though I think they're around here year long. I seem to notice them more in the air; as well as in the fields around me. All the birds seem to be migrating somewhere. So, this week I bring you the image of "Harvest Geese". I think this image can be pretty versatile for Fall, Thanksgiving as well as masculine. So, PLEASE if you snag it leave me a post as well as the designers. We are entering the season of Thanks, so if you are thankful for me giving away all these great images for FREE, please give back to me/us with a little verbal acknowledgement! :O) Also, if you take the time to leave a message, tell me what one of your favorite things about Fall is. One of mine is hot apple cider! If you don't have the change of season, tell me what it would be if you did! :O)

(C) "Harvest Geese"
(left click, then right click "save as" the larger image)

("Autumn Geese" is no longer available for free... I am in a process of getting a website up and going to make available to you not only these images, but many more originals by me in digital form and in the near future photopolymer as well... it's all in "the works"! In just hours a new free image will be released)

This week Curt brings us our challenge. He wants us to use the image I have provided "Harvest Geese" and use pop dots or foam squares to make a 3-D element on your project "pop".

The prize for this week’s random drawing for whoever participates in this weeks challenge and links their work back here is:

Now for the oh so talented...


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Hey and make sure You stop by my place and check out my card for this week as well here I like personal luvins too! :O)

So, today I encourage you to be thankful for something, if we all took the time to look around and be thankful for even the smallest of things, we would all truly see how blessed we really are. Have a great day!

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craftykitten said...

Hi Nina,
Another fabulous image you are giving us this week. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.
Hope to be back with a card later.
Dawn xx

Sanddollars said...

What a beautiful fall image! Thank you for sharing it with us. My favorite thing about fall is the cool weather and the beautiful colors.

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Nina thank you so much for the free image I hope to use it for this weeks challenge. My favourite of the Autumn apart from the beauty of nature is nice hot Stew...I am just making a chicken stew and my son is pestering me to hurry up and get it cooked lol.
Lorraine x

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Thank you for the image!

Sophia said...

Thanks so much for such a versatile fall image! I especially appreciate that it's not Halloween-themed, since fall images without Halloween are quite rare.

As for my favorite thing about fall ... I think it's probably Thanksgiving. My family always got together for Thanksgiving. When we were little, it would be at our grandparents' house. Now it's my parents' house. Unfortunately, we've moved about six hours away, so we miss getting together with our families on Thanksgiving. But I'm determined to make Thanksgiving memories for my own children, so we go "all out" at our own house, too!

Esther said...

Love the image! Thanks for sharing!
My favorite thing(s) about fall are:
1. colored leaves (and the smell of the smoke when their raked and burnt!)
2. crisp mornings
3. fires in a fireplace
4. cozy jammies
5. hot soups/stews
6. trips to pick apples or to the pumpkin patch
7. sweaters
8. fall decorations
9. Thanksgiving - a time when we get together with extended family
10. EVERYTHING - I love fall!

Susan.... said...

Hi Nina,
Many Thanks for another stunning Image ! You are so very kind !
l think my best memories of Autumn time were wading through heaps of leaves on my way to school,the sound of crunching leaves underfoot,collecting leaves/acorns to make collages and decorations and lovely crisp,mornings in England.
Susan x

Laurane said...

Hi Nina
My absolutely favourite thing about autumn is the fantastic colours - especially on a bright, crisp and sunny day. Not that we get too many of them in sunny Scotland!

I missed your spooky challenge (again) but used your fabby wee ghost with the pumpkins - great fun to use. Thanks


Take care

Laurane x

craft_princess said...

Yes, I am very thankful for the gree digis!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!! Love them!!! You are super generous! :)

And my fav thing at fall time is the pretty leaves turning and my fireplace starting back up!

Bonnie B said...

Beautiful drawing. Thank you for sharing with all these fellow bloggers. I love fall because of the colors.

Jennifer said...

Got the new image...Another great one!

Well living in AZ I always complain because we really don't have much of a fall but I was up in Payson this weekend and got some great pictures of the leaves changing...check out my blog
My favorite part is seeing all the beautiful colors.

berg4 said...

Nina - thank you for another free weekly image, such a bright spot to Mondays! Seeing all of your creations is inspiring. My favorite thing about Fall is red leaves.

Lisa Foster said...

Gosh another beautiful one, Nina! DT!!! You rock!!! What amazing colors!!!
Thank you so much for the image Nina! My favorite thing about Fall has to be the colors and the pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies :)
Thanks again...I will do my best to get something made within the next 2 days!

Crafty Cat said...

Hi there, thanks for the image its lovely. I've downloaded it and I hope to get a card done for the challenge but unfortumately my home computer is poorly (I'm at work now!) so can't really print out or post a pic on my blog at the mo, but fingers crossed it will be fixed soon. xxx Carol

Digi Kitty said...

Hi Nina--this is an unusual image--I've never thought about geese at Harvest time--VERY cool and very creative--but should I be suprised? Nope!
I have a FREE digi stamp: Jack (halloween) over at my blog--hope you hop over and check him out--there's a challenge going on too--my SECOND ever! Lol

Carrie said...

This is gorgeous Nina! I love it!! I snagged it of course. Hmm I love hot apple cider too. Mine need to take a detour later to Starbucks to pick me up one of their hot apple caramel ciders. My favorite thing about fall is the cool crisp fresh air and the changing leaves on trees. I love seeing all the beautiful colors. Big Hugs!

Pattie G said...

Nina, I love this image you provided. I am originally from NJ and now live in Texas. My favorite thing about Autumn was the changing colors. I don't see much of that here since we usually go from Summer to Winter and just experience a little bit of Fall. Since I can't see these colors much I tend to use handmade leaves on my projects. I added my card to Mr Linky. Let me know what you think!
Pattie G

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and thank you very much for the free digistamp. This is a great expression of Fall. One of the things I like about Fall is the 'snap' that's in the air...not cold, but invigorating.

Selma said...

I love your image Nina. I have not worked with digital images before but I download this one and have submitted a card. I love when fall arrives because the changing of the leaves makes everything so beautiful. Love to go out to the fields to get pumpkins, etc for decorating and to go pick apples for lots of delicious desserts.

Marsha said...

Love this image. I have only used a digital image once before. I love Autumn - I am always blown away at God's paintbrush. The leaves are so beautiful.

Betty Benton said...

Nina, thank you for the image with the Canada geese! Here in the Houston area, we don't experience a brilliant autumn but I would like to go leaf hunting! I think a basketful of beautifully colored leaves on the porch would be neat.

jean w. said...

Nina thanks for the digi image. I saw it on Selma's blog and came here. Love the beautiful colors God paints the trees here in NJ! Enjoy the cooler weather too! Thnaks again for sharing your talent with us!

nadci said...

I have just discovered your blog. What a beautiful image. Thank you for offering it to us for free. What I love about Fall, the colored leaves of course, but also the "smell" in the air. It slowly changes to become more "wintery".

Crafty Cat said...

Hi got the laptop going so managed to enter this week. My favourite thing about autumn is the colour of the leaves. xxx carol

MindyRadio said...

I really like this one. I wish I had checked it out BEFORE I did the pumpkin patch LO.