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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Good Day everyone!! Well, this has been a busy week for me. The behind the scene plans for our celebration kick-off are coming along and I am getting really excited about seeing it all come together! So excited in fact, that I want to continue to get you excited!! Since I will be leaving on vacation tomorrow and won't be back until July 24th. I thought I would come and give you a teaser (tease tease)!! So, with no further delay.....

Don't forget to read the below post about the blog candy and sign up, I can't wait to give it away. Wouldn't you love for it to be you?

OK.. well, that's it for today, so now I must scurry off and wash, put things away and pack!!


Unknown said...

Have a great holiday :0)

Fiona x

Lisa Novak said...

Okay, you have my interest...did I mention that I HATE waiting! LOL! Have fun on vacation!