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Friday, July 10, 2009


Blog Candy Shopping is a LOT if FUN! Although the kick-off won't be until August 3rd, I am still posting and attempting to grow my followers. So, I figured Blog Candy is a must!! So please help me spread the word. I think shopping for supplies can be just as much fun as using them and personally I love to give things away! I don't think you will be disappointed either, I bought something I really wanted to keep for myself,how many times does that happen!?! I only have one set (tease tease), but I would really like more! I will be posting the blog candy sometime in the next few days once I believe I have it all. Right now it stands just over a $60.00 value, so...... so if you want a headstart on the requirements to be eligable are in the few post below and make sure you stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

awesome! I did what you asked me to do;)and it works too. good idea. I might copy your idea actually!!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Well I can hardly wait! But I loved your tutorial on the markers, keep it up!